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Your Safety Drives Us – Book One Way CabYour Safety Drives Us –

Your Safety Drives Us – In spite of the numerous ways in which COVID-19 has altered how we live together and take care of one another, delivery people and taxi drivers have continued to provide support for the communities in which they work. Because of this, we are extremely thankful!

We take this opportunity to feel grateful to all our partnered Book One Way Cab chauffeurs who drive from Mumbai to Vapi Cab or Surat to Saputara Cab and across PAN India just to ensure that Book One Way Cab is available for all major routes and provide comfortable commute according to your customized itinerary.

Safety Measures on Road

In addition to our series of Safety Tips For Late Night Cabs, you should always feel safe while driving with Book One Way Cab and we ensure numerous safety measures on the road.

We come exclusively with GPS monitoring, cashless payments, real identity recording, and pre-booking–generates more information about who is in the car, and is therefore likely to be generally safer than a normal taxi or a cab service.

  • No mask, no ride

When riding in a Book One Way Cab vehicle, all passengers and drivers are required to wear some sort of face covering or mask.

  • No-fault cancellation policy

You are free to cancel trips via contacting us without incurring any penalties if you have a safety concern about a rider, such as one who is not wearing a face cover or mask.

  • Maintaining mutual responsibility and respect

Riders who are repeatedly reported for not complying risk having their access to Book One Way Cab suspended or terminated.

  • Riders’ pre-trip preparation checklists

Riders are required to provide proof that they have completed a series of predetermined safety measures before they can make a ride request via contacting us on Book One Way Cab.

These measures include washing their hands and donning a mask. In addition, we would like to request that passengers take the back seat so that we can keep a safe distance from you.

  • Home Pick up and Drop

To Help You Comply With The Current Social Distancing Restrictions, Book One Way Cab is Offering Pick Up And Drop Off Service To Your Doorstep.

Now Let Us Talk!

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the difficulties and unpredictability that many of you have experienced over the course of the past year.

You mentioned that the things that are giving you the most concern right now are the difficulties in your financial situation as well as your physical health and wellness. and therefore we presented the series of ‘How To Save Money While Using Book One Way Cab.

This past year has been challenging for everyone, but we are aware that it has been particularly trying for those who work in transportation and delivery. We are grateful to you for everything you do to help support your communities and the people who live in them.

Seventy percent of you said that you believe Book One Way Cab has either done enough for drivers during the pandemic or gone above and beyond what was expected of them.

Through the COVID-19 Hub assistance with Book One Way Cab,  we will continue to do our part and assist in ensuring that you have the most recent information on when and where you can obtain the COVID-19 vaccine, access to health and safety supplies, and resources on resources on how the government can assist you.

Naina is in East India said:

“I use your car regularly as I am frequently traveler. Because No more inquiry hurdles at different vendors as your fares are always better than local vendors as you provide service for most major parts of India. Must say that your service is awesome, keep it up .All the best guys…! “

We will get back to you as soon as possible with additional information regarding the steps that the company is taking to assist in making your experience with Book One Way Cab even better and brighter!

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