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– The global cab and taxi market valuation was $69.18 billion in 2019.

– It is accepted to reach $120.89 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 12.3%.

РIn 2018 the number of online taxi rides was around 65 million in India.

The numbers actually justify the topic Cab vs Public Transport. Not only in India even around the globe, people are using cab services to reach their offices and to go from one place to another. However still, people are using public transport but somehow, cab services witnessing a revolution in the Industry.

People are opting cab services instead of using public transport and even buying their own vehicle as well. People are moving towards the cab services because of the safety concern. Because recently we witnessed the biggest pandemic in the history. After such big pandemic people are becoming more health conscious. And they are opting for the safer options.

Specially people who are living in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. choosing for the safer and secured options. Meanwhile cab services like Bookonewaycab, playing such significant role. Because they are offering cabs and taxis for most of the India routes. Whether you want to Book Ahmedabad To Mumbai Cab, Mumbai To Vadodara Cab, or even anywhere in the country.

Well, this post will help you to understand what are the exact reasons behind the revolution of cab services. And why people are opting for cabs and taxis instead of public transport and buying their personal vehicle. So, without any further delay let’s get started the trendiest topic, Cab vs Public Transport.

Cab vs Public Transport | Reason Behind The Revolution Of Cab Service

Safety Concern – When you book a cab then you or in some cases a group of a few people will travelling in that cab. There will not be any other unknown person who will be sitting with you. In the situation there will not be any chances of any kind of health problems like Covid and all. You will reach to your destination without having such issues. This is one of the reason why people started opting for cab services more after pandemic.

Security – Cab services like Bookonewaycab ensures the customer’s safety every time. We only hire certified and professional drivers. So the customer won’t have to worry while travelling. Apart from that most of the cab services ensures that the driver associated with them must be professional and trusted. This is one of the strongest reasons why people are opting cab services instead of public transport.

On-Time – When it comes to the liberty then cabs are the best available option for anyone. Because you can book a cab anytime whenever you want as per your convenience. You won’t have to get ready according to the transport timing. While if you are travelling in a public Bus. Then you will have to be on time, otherwise you will have to wait. So, this is one of the important reasons why cab is the most reliable option for anyone.

Comfort – Here we go with the most important thing that we all want to have in our lives. But due to the hectic schedule it is not easy to have comfort. Meanwhile if you can go to your office by sleeping in a comfortable car or taxi, then how will it feel to you?

We believe it is an amazing idea to have such experience. Because it saves your energy that you will have to put in your tasks. So, of course cabs are the better options than public transport and even personal vehicle as well. And people are understanding the point very genuinely, and that is the reason cab industry is actually growing rapidly.

Flexibility – If you are travelling with public transport then first of all you have to reach to the station on time. And then you will have to fight for a seat. Instead of this if you are using any cab services then all you have to pick up your phone. And you can simply book a cab for you, or even all you have to call us to book a cab for you. Isn’t it so easy? Well, it is. Suppose you are travelling Surat to Vadodara or even Mumbai to Vapi, then all you have to Book a Surat To Vadodara Cab Or Mumbai To Vapi Cab by just simply calling Bookonewaycab.

Your cab will reach to your doorstep at your own preferred time. You won’t have to reach to the station on time, and you won’t have to fight for your seat. Everything will be easier for you to manage. This is why the debate of Cab vs Public Transport is going high. Because where some people are considering public transport, a majority of people are opting for cab services.


Well, it is completely your call whether you want to use a cab service or the public transport. But somehow cab services can save your time, money and energy too. However you have to choose an ideal cab services. Well, here we want to tell you bookonewaycab is one of the oldest services providers in the industry and providing the safest cabs and taxis to the users. So whenever you want to travel from your city to anywhere in India, then all you have to call us and on +91 90810 12222 and you will be able to book your cab very easily.

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